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Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor
Mike has worked in the Smalltalk industry since 1984. Currently he is the President/CEO of Instantiations, a company 100% dedicated to evolving, supporting, and promoting the Smalltalk programming language.

A bit of 1988 a group of people from Tektronix Artificial Intelligence Machines group (Smalltalk-based) spun-out and formed the first Instantiations, focused on creating and marketing innovative Smalltalk programming tools for professional developers.

In 1992 Instantiations merged with a larger company in our market, Digitalk. In 1995 Digitalk was acquired by ParcPlace Systems, forming a public (but now defunct) software tools company called ParcPlace-Digitalk. In 1997 a group from the original Instantiations spun-out of ParcPlace-Digitalk to found Instantiations (the second). Instantiations II had both Smalltalk and Java product lines.

In 2010 the Java segment of Instantiations II was sold to Google. The remaining Smalltalk-focused people founded Instantiations III to concentrate exclusively on Smalltalk. The VA Smalltalk business, products, personnel…and commitment…continue, independent and uninterrupted. All of these mergers and spin-offs were win-win with all parties continuing to do business together.

Mike’s education includes a BA and and MBA from the University of Washington. In addition to his software-related business activities, he is a board member and President of the Oregon Archaeological Society and a board member of the Smalltalk Industry Council.